Switch Mystery Bag

Switch Mystery Bag

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Introducing the Switch Mystery Bag! Perfect for testing out new switches!
$8 per random switch. Can pick between linears, tactiles, or clickies you want. 
Can request 1 specific switch in the shopping cart notes for every 5 switches bought.

Please place your switch requests/preferences in the check out notes. I will try my best to accommodate your requests.

C3 Tangerines
C3 Banana Splits 
JWK Alpaca
JWK Lilac Linear
JWK Epsilon
JWK Nebula
JWK Poseidon
JWK Ginger Milk
Durock Lavender 
Durock L2
Durock L4
Durock Korbs
Durock Lupine
Durock Black Lotus
Durock Pom Piano
Gateron Ink Black
Gateron CJ Pom
Gateron Box CJ Pom
Gateron Oil Kings
Gateron Pure Berry
Gateron Tealios
Gateron Turquoise Tealios
Gateron Yellow
Gateron Cap Golden Yellow
Gateron Cap Yellow
Gateron Milky Yellow
Gateron Milky Black
Gateron G Pro 2.0 White
Kailh x Novelkeys Cream
Kailh Box Creams
Kailh Speed Silver
Cherry Hyperglide Black
Cherry Silent Black
Everglide Aqua Kings
Tecsee Ice Candy
Tecsee Zakus
Tecsee Carrot
Tecsee Ice Milk
Tecsee Ice Mint
Tecsee Oni
Gazzew Bobagum
Gazzew Boba Linear Thock
SP-Star Meteor White
SP-Star Polaris Grey
Akko Rose Red
JWICK C2 Black
JWCK Black
JWCK Ultimate Black
JWICK Semi-Silent
TTC Gold Pink
KTT Kang White
KTT Rose

Durock T1
Durock Daybreak
Gazzew U4T Boba
Gazzew U4T RGB Boba 
Gazzew U4 Silent Boba
Cherry Hyperglide Brown
Kailh Polia
Kailh Box Hako True
Kailh Box Royal
Kailh Purple Potato
JWK Emogogo Tactile
JWK Twilight
JWK Taro Puree
Tecsee Neapolitan
Tecsee Purple Panda
Tecsee Ice Milk
Gateron Aliaz
Gateron Zeal Zilent
Gateron Cap Brown
Gateron Cap Golden Brown
Gateron Blizzard
Gateron Azure Dragon

Kailh Box Jade
Kailh Box Navies
ZealPC Clickiez 

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