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Everglide Dark Jade Tactile Switch

Everglide Dark Jade Tactile Switch

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Sold in packs of 10

Top Housing: PBT
Stem: POM
Bottom Housing: PBT
Initial Force: 25g
Actuation Force: 50g
Bottom Out Force: 67g
Actuation Distance: 2mm
Bottom Out Distance: 4mm
Spring: Gold-plated stainless steel 67g
5 Pin Configuration
Not Factory Lubed

Switch lubing and filming service available!

Everglide's release rivals Holy Pandas in both feel and tactility. The unique choice of materials and recognizable look have been much appreciated and sought for in the enthusiast market. One notable advocate for the Everglide Dark Jade Switches is YouTuber TaeKeyboards, who said that "[Dark Jade Tactiles] "cleaner and sharper" than Holy Pandas. "