Everglide Screw-in Stabilizers

Everglide Screw-in Stabilizers

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Everglide PCB Mount Keyboard Stabilizer V2--Patent Non-Stripping Wire Design
Everglide engineers designed a new mold, which is with reverse buckle to hold the wire, totally preventing stripping of the threads. 

We are offering
Clear version
Smokey version

The pack includes:
3 x 2u wire (PVD)
1 x 6.25u wire (PVD) OR 1 x 7u wire (PVD)
10 x stabs
10 x housings
10 x screws
10-12 x washers

1 x 6.25u wire (PVD)
1 x 7u wire (PVD)
1 x 2u wire (PVD) + 2 x housing + 2 x stabs